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04-10-2009, 10:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
looking at the outcome (which wasn't a sure thing going in), don't you think that the Habs, as a team, come away from that game feeling like they can handle whatever the Bruins throw at them physically? that kind of confidence could very well be the difference between a quick exit and a hard fought series that goes down to the wire...

and likewise, after the B's did everything they could to intimidate us last night, don't you think that the fact that we took it in stride and still forced them to come from behind in the 3rd only to escape with an OT win in their own barn against a borderline playoff team missing it's best player, will plant some seeds of doubt in their mind?
Look, O'Byrne & Komi turtling, most of the Habs players being handled like rag dolls is not coming out feeling like you can handle anything.

And the bottom line is we lost.

With Laraque & Stewart in the line up, our players don't have to worry about being molested in the corners. You think Chara would have been such a big shot if we had Laraque on the bench? You think Lucic would have jumped Komi from behind? And on a side note, I've lost all respect for Julien. He's a thug coach and he uses thug tactics. Gainey better drop the gentleman act and learn to street fight with that thug, Claude Julien.

With those two players, our finesse players would have had more room on the ice. Less liberties would have been taken.

If Gainey thinks he's gonna get decent referring in the playoffs, he's badly mistaken. He better get use to what he saw last night. It's the same thing every playoff. Why would it change this year?

I always remember Sam Pollock telling the story of when the Habs lost a Stanley Cup final because they were manhandled. He promised it would never happen again and the next year he drafted John Ferguson. Now, Laraque is not the player Ferggie was but damn it, he instills the same kinda of respect that he did.

I'm hoping Gainey sees the light because if we meet the Bruins we're gonna get swept and our players are gonna get used as mops.

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