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04-10-2009, 11:20 AM
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Originally Posted by 417 View Post
Going back 3-4 years, the Habs have ALWAYS had success vs. the Bruins when they focus on playing hockey first, and that's by using their best attributes as a team which is their speed, skill and execution on the PP.

When the Habs are worried about going toe to toe with the Bruins, they play right into the Bruins hands because the Bruins have way more footsoldiers than the Habs do.

When the Habs are at home and they have the final change and they can decide on matchups, then I agree, dress Laraque/Stewart...but in Boston, there's no reason to rattle their cage at home, Gainey has to worry about having 4 lines that can be dependable in all zones.

Some of you are more interested in settling scores than winning games...ever since the Habs have taken that same attitude, their success vs. the Bruins has disapeared.
I agree. Toughness is not part of the Habs' game!! Just get over it, people. Detroit doesn't beat anyone up, either. I haven't seem them pummel anyone in a while.

And if you really think Laraque protects our players, look at how many of them have gotten injured with Georges on duty...Part of the problem is the instigator and part of it is these players know they won't have to deal with him unless they decide to drop the gloves because he's not going to jump on them.

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