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09-13-2004, 05:49 AM
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What he means is that

Originally Posted by Waveburner
The MLB system works? That's hilarious. I love Trevor, but the guy is doing some scary drugs if he thinks the MLB system is working. The Yankees payroll is more than 4-5 teams combined.
there is 1 team in all of baseball that is over the tax threshold and that is the Yankees.

His case in strengthened when you look to the 7-8 teams that were over the tax threshold the season before and you see the system working.

Add to that that the league has more teams involved in the PO chase and it furthers helps the case that the system is working. There are 14 teams in baseball that are now all within 5 games of a PO spot, after the allstar break that number was over 20.

While we can all look at the Yanks and say the system isn't working, I would look a little deeper into the Why, of that question.

The Why to that question is that George Steinbrenner is a vindictive owner and the current system is designed to punish him as an owner that believes that he should put every penny he makes on his team back into the franchise. So, he feels if he has to stroke a check for 65+ million in Luxury Tax to subsidise the league (which is really what Revenue Sharing is) then he will spend even more to satisfy his needs.

As Dumb as Dolan is, I don't think you would ever see him come out of pocket like that.

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