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04-10-2009, 03:18 PM
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Originally Posted by saskyoil View Post
Pass the puck to him, unexpectedly, and then cross-check him in the face.
I don't think he can reach that high.

I kid- I'm a short guy myself. I know how it feels.

As for what you should do, it depends a lot on you. I had a situation like that before, and stopped, turned sideways and glided across the crease and forced him to try and move with the lane, I got him to screen the goalie and I shot against the grain top shelf for a goal. However, that requires good skating and a quick release. If you have a more powerful shot that takes longer, you're going to do something different.

But I didn't have time to think about that. And really, you shouldn't. You develop a sense where your mind subconsciously picks up on patterns and body motions and comes up with a plan of action. It's like aiming a shot. You don't do anything consciously, you just practice and your brain figures out where to shoot in a game situation without you needing to have input, if that makes any sense.

But the two things you can really do in that case are slow down and speed up. You can slow down like I did and start sideways, which opens up room and time for you to work with, or you can do the speed power move. If you're not moving at full speed, and you won't be if he's staying in front of you successfully while skating backwards, Unless he's a good bit better skater then you, You hold the puck away from your body with just the top hand on your stick, extened, slam forward as hard as you can and lean in toward him while driving past. Your body will protect the puck, and holding the stick at full arm's reach will keep it away from him. Once you're past, you can pull the puck back in and make a move on the goalie.

Obviously the second one is a lot harder, it takes great acceleration and speed, as well as good puck protection, stickhanding skills and the strength to stickhandle one handed. If you pull it off though, it's about one of the sweetest goals you'll ever see.

If you want an idea of what I'm talking about in video, there's an example at 1:24 of this clip.

Good luck.

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