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09-13-2004, 09:40 AM
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Here's what bothers me about the whole thing...

besides the fact that 2 sides in a labor dispute cannot figure out how to divide the roughly 2 billion to be made. I'm gonna go on a rant here.
1st lets look at a few news headlines from the last week or so.
1- Over 300 innocent children are killed by rebels in a school.
2- The 1000th soldier is killed in Iraq.
3- Thousands lose their homes in Florida dueto 2 hurricanes.
Then we have these 2 parties who can't figure out how to divide the money the league makes. Do these guuy know what idiots they look like regardless who's side you are on. You have these 2 arrogant idiots who are going to run these league into the ground and possibly destroy the league to the point there is no NHL left.
Each has to make sure the other guy doesn'twin and it doesn't matter at what cost.
It doesn't matter these poor innocent people that work at the NHL offices are going to lsoe their jobs, or the peolple thaty work for each team offices are going to lose job or the ticketstakers and vendors that relyon the few bucks they make atr each game to keep their families going are going to lose the money. Plain and simple both sides do not care about them or the fans. If they would they would not be sitting home while the deadline of 9/15 approaches. When have you ever heard or 2 parties in a labor dispute with the deadline approaching not going into sreious negotiations? This just plain stupid. They have to realize the great sport is not that popular in the US. yes the die hards like myself and most on the board will go back to the games if they ever begin again but the marginal fan in all the areas that the league worked so hard to get over the past 10 ys are not going to go back.
My point of view on the issue I'm siding w/ the Owners on most issues except for the hard cap of 31 million. I don;t mind a hard cap but you have to bring that to a realistic 45-47 million and then have to bring the back end to 32-34. You can;t have the same teams in the 20's. I believe alst year there were only about 3 teams under 31miliion the rest over you can't have all the current contracts be dispersed throughout the league and have the payrolls of all teams under 31 millionthere is just not enough room. There are several teams over 50 if they wanted to get under teh 31 cap the few teams under the 31 couldn;t fit them in let aloncveall the teams in the 40's. If Bettman atleast came in w/ some realistic figures maybe they could start talking. This is just plain stupid that were are not going to have the greatest sport playing atleast a good portion of the year if at all. OK I'm going now as my rant is getting long.

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