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09-13-2004, 01:31 PM
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Originally Posted by go kim johnsson
6 teams won't fold, they'll just be moved to a secure location if anything.
What 6 good hockey markets are available? And are of a large enough size to be able to support a $30-35M payroll?

What you would really need under the current system is find 6 billionares that happen to be huge hockey fans that don't mind losing money.

I don't blame the players for not turning down money when it's offered to them. The problem is that there are such HUGE economic disparities between franchises. What is insane for the Islanders (Yashin's contract) is a decent signing for the Rangers (Holik's contract). The problem is that in many cases the precedent is set by the biggest mistake. Chris Drury can point to Mike Peca's contract on why he deserves $4M. Then the Hawks trade Steve Sullivan because they are afraid he'll convince an arbitrator he's worth $4M with both of those guys as comparables.

I agree with others that a luxury tax system above a reasonable level ($35-40M) would be the best solution.

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