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04-11-2009, 07:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Fugu View Post
My all-time favorite blogger/writer, Tom Benjamin, had a great discussion on this a couple of years ago. If you search through his blog for Poisson, you can find some other posts on the topic of statistical validity in a game that's generally governed by randomness; and even a discussion on the "clutch" factor. Here's an excerpt:

Make sure you read the reader comments as his mathematician friend responds to some reader queries and ideas.

(There's also a gaggle of Oilers bloggers who routinely dive into this stuff. MC79hockey, a huge fan of sabremetrics if I recall is one, and Irreverent Oil Fans @

I hope this piques the interest of BOHB moderator Fourier....
thanks for that!

like he says, it's hard for a hockey fan to accept some of the twists that maths and stats theory tells you to do, to often we're tempted to lie your observations in a proclus bed where you'd like to fit your data in a preconceived idea. It's much harder than doing regular maths where you simply don't care whether or not the sum of interior angles of a triangle are 180 degress, it could be 200 and you couldn't care less.

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