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04-11-2009, 07:48 AM
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Originally Posted by number9 View Post
haha ya, komo is dirty for hitting guys and not fighting everyone in sight, while lucic can try to pull a guy's head off or chara can attack and fight someone WHO HASN'T DROPPED HIS GLOVES.

then again, they'll just say he deserved it because he doesn't fight enough.
I was listening to the team990 yesterday and they said Lucic had STRICT orders not to engage Laraque in that game where he ran scared. So when Lucic doesn't fight it's OK but when Komi, equally under orders not to fight, doesn't fight it's because he's a dirty player?

I agree that he shouldn't fight. His value is in blocking shots and offering punishing hits. That's his game. He has no value shooting or fighting. Lucic was just upset that Komi got one up on him and because he is insecure he lost it and tried to twist his head off. After seeing that play again I have changed my mind and I do think Lucic should have been suspended. It was nothing more than intent to injure Komi who had just delivered a legal hit.

Who exactly is the dirty player? If we hit Bergeron, he who doesn't hesitate to nail our players, we'd be labeled a dirty team because it might lead to a career ending concussion. You can't win with Bruin fans.

We almost won that game and that is what is shocking them. So much for intimidation, they had the whole city talking about how we'd like to see Boston in the first round. If we got that much confidence out of the game imagine what the players are feeling!

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