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Originally Posted by Rapid eye movemenT View Post
So do I take a shot hoping he's screening the goalie? Try to move the puck through him and skate around (if I have time)? Wait for a supporting forward? Any experienced advice would be greatly appreciated!
First, always enter the zone on your off wing. Example: If you shoot left, enter on the right side. By entering on you off wing, when you turn towards the center, you protect the puck.

If you enter on the off wing, come up to the blue line about 3/4 speed. Once you are close to the blue line, turn to full speed. This will make the defensemen start to match your speed as you enter. If he is a good defensemen, he will gap control right at the blue line and it will force you to dump the puck.

If he gives you room to enter, once you are at full speed, make a stop turn and turn towards the center ice along the inside of the zone along the blue line. This will force the defensemen to cross over passing lanes.

How, if you have a forward that is coming with you into the attacking zone, he should use this rule: "The player without the ouck goes behind" This means that if you cross over into a different skating lane, into someone elses skating lane, that person in that skating lane must move into your skating lane.

Just at the point when you have moved over into the next skating lane, this player should go behind you. At this point drop pass to the player crossing behind. "MAKE SURE THAT YOU PASS THE PUCK IN THE DIRECTION HE IS GOING!"

If you don't it will end up in his feet. Once he gets the drop pass, move to the net or stay high in the slot so he can move the puck back to you for the one timer.

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