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09-13-2004, 03:11 PM
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How about we try this. Renew the current agreement with the following exceptions:

1) No more automatic 10% raise if you are below the average salary, we will negotiate your contract when it is up.

2) No more arbitration, we will negotiate your contract when it is up, no more of this comparables crap.

3) No more guarenteed salaries, you don't perform, out on your ear.

The above are what make the current agreement bad for the small market teams when the idiot owners who overspend on a player drive up the market for every other player in the league.

This is probably going way to far but we haven't heard about any of these issues and they are probably some of the biggest ones the NHL faces. Some of the owners CANNOT control the salaries they pay their players because the rich owners drive those prices. Hey, Holik is worth 9 and I'm almost as good so I deserve 8. He's almost as good as Holik and he got 8 and I'm almost as good as him so I deserve 7.5, etc.

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