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Originally Posted by BigBadLooch View Post
I don't get how anyone can see this play and make any sort of justification that Lucic "turned into" the hit, or the Komisarek hit him from the side. I've seen both a number of times from Habs fans. I just watched the YT of this several times, and Lucic was skating backwards in the neutral zone, and got hit directly from behind by Komisarek. Lucic never turned - not one bit.

I'm objective enough to say that Lucic's reaction was over the top - I just wish Habs fans could be as objective about this hit. It was from behind, and it was dirty.
Think LOGICALLY. If Komisarek hit Lucic directly from behind as you say, then how was it he went towards the boards?? Because his back was toward the centre-ice faceoff circle, and his face was facing the boards. This is clear, and you MUST agree with it, since you say KOMI hit him directly from behind.

However, this is not compatible with skating backwards. If he was skating backwards, his back would have been toward the Habs' end zone, and his face facing his defenceman to see where the puck was. And guess what, that is also correct.

THEREFORE, and it is clear if you watch it, sometime just before he got hit, Lucic turned almost 90 degrees, from skating backwards before the turn to facing the boards after the turn (the puck had arrived and it was on Lucic's RIGHT not far from the boards. All of a sudden, Komisarek's planned hit was no longer from the inside but into Lucic's back. Still it was really not that violent, and Lucic did not hit the boards with impact. He was just surprised by the contact in my opinion. I don't think it merited a penalty, and it certainly wasn't "dirty", meaning warranting a major or a suspension.

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