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04-11-2009, 01:04 PM
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I also have a question regarding wheels. For the past year or two, i havn't been able to find any "small wheels". A lot of the newer skates I see have all 4 wheels the same size, but mine always had 2 large in the back, 2 smaller in the front. I've been to a lot of sports stores such as modells, sports authority, and some pro shops, but nobody ever sells the smaller wheels anymore. So I guess obviously the next step is to go online and try to find some, but I can't figure out which are smaller wheels, everything I find is in relation to the bearing size or the hardness.

So my question is how do determine the size of the wheel itself without actually seeing it? is there another spec that i'm missing? Right now i'm just looking at a box of big wheels i've purchased recently, and all it says is 80mm/84a.

Edit: after doing more reading online, is the "80mm" spec on the wheels the bearing size? or the actual wheel size? I've always associated that number with the bearing size...

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