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09-13-2004, 05:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Epsilon
Just how many guys have done this besides Alexei Yashin and Pavel Bure? People make it sound like NHL players bail on their contracts with the same frequency NFL teams cut guys loose.
Gaborik and Dupuis did it last year, and Havlat will do it this year. This is very common every year. Just because you don't follow it, doesn't mean its not happening. Holdouts are a dime a dozen and it has been getting worse in the last few years. The players have had varying degrees of success, but in the grand scheme of things it always screws things up. The player misses training camp, he is not in game shape when he does return, and the team suffers because that player is missing from the games if the holdout goes into the season. I don't necessarily blame the players alone. I think a lot of that nonsense is started by the agents who are supposed to be looking out for their clients best interests. If the player is losing money by not getting paid during his holdout and then signs for the same or less, (in the case of Gaborik and anyone who tries that on Lou Lamoriello) having missed games, runs the risk of coming back in cold and getting injured, how is that in the players best interests. It is almost guaranteed that the player who holds out will have a sub par year, so why bother? Look back 2 years ago when the Sharks were expected to challenge for the cup. Nabakov and Stuat decided to hold out, the team got off to a terrible start, and when Nabakov and Stuart finally signed, it didn't matter. They had far from stellar seasons, and the team missed out on the playoffs. You really think that the owners forget stuff like that. A contract should be honoured by both sides, but the players see a chance to bend the team over for a few extra bucks and guess what? Now take Yashin for instance, he holds out an entire year on the Senators and how do the bone head Islanders deal with him...They give him a guaranteed 10 year deal worth 90 million.

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