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04-11-2009, 04:25 PM
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Seems like most people would shy away from the long term (6+years) deals, which was my initial feeling on the matter as well...

but on the other hand, I can see guys like Komi/Tanguay, in their prime and right now valuable enough that at least 1 or 2 teams make a strong run at them, requiring a huge cap hit on a shorter, 2-3-4 year deal.

Do we really have the ability, or the desire, to match a 5M $ offer to Komi? Do we really doubt that NYI or ATL will hesitate to throw that kind of money at him?
Or ditto for Tanguay, whose likely to be in high demand once Hossa and the Sedins get signed.

thing with the long term deals is that the team gets a smaller cap hit while giving the player the security of years. Front loading also gives the player the ability to make the deal even more valuable, assuming they have half-decent financial advise (earning solid interests of the early money will make the final "total" value of the contract greater than if they received equal payments throughout)

if you take away the years, you have to give more $$ and take the bigger hit.

I dunno, I guess I'm torn, but with each new signing we hear about, the pressure on the habs gets that much greater because the bar is still being set high(years or $$), and given how weak the UFA market is shaping up to be, guys like Komi/Tanguay (in their prime with many potentially good years ahead of them) could stand to cash in.

i hope gainey has some master plan that's quietly coming together, otherwise we could be in some serious trouble.

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