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04-11-2009, 05:31 PM
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Ok so after going to the game last night all I can honestly say about him is he was not noticeably good or bad. He showed great speed and a real quick burst on one play but that was the only time I saw him skate more than a couple strides at a time all game. Though you could just tell by the way he moved he was fast as hell. He forchecked really hard on one shift, but again it was only on that shift, the rest of the time he gave a good effort but not like that determined Mike Richards, Scottie Upshall effort I'd like to see. He just looked like every other AHL player out there which I don't know if thats good or not.

I also don't think he looked lazy or like a floater, but I can definitely see why people have said that. He has really long strides and it looks like he's not skating hard but he's moving faster than most of the players out there. He got caught behind a play and in like 3 strides was right back in the middle of it. I hope that he just needs some time to get comfortable. He looked tentative to me which might have been do to the fact that he got his face slammed into the boards pretty friggin hard in the first few minutes. I really hope it isn't though. I hope he isn't a big guy that doesn't like to get hit like Jagr...actually on second thought I'd be fine with it if he scored like Jagr lol.

I hope that what people have been interpreting as lazy was just a boredom factor in college, and him being uncomfortable so far in the AHL and isn't a problem thats gonna hold him back. A lot of the players that become bust do so because of their lack of work ethic not their skill. After watching him I'm really worried that what I hope is just uneasiness isn't him being uninterested.

I was surprised to see he didn't have any special teams time that I noticed. He might have got some PP time at the end of penalties, but he wasn't on one of the top 2 units.

Overall I wasn't impressed at all. He definitely has a lot of speed, and of course size. He has good hands as I've seen from highlights, but he didn't really show even a glimpse of how good they are in the game. Unless he drastically improves during the playoffs and over the off season he won't be on the team out of camp unless some moves are made and he has too be. He didn't seem to have a desire to dominate the game like Richards does. He just doesn't have that drive, or motor, whatever you wanna call it. I feel like he has so much more talent than pretty much everyone else on the ice, but he didn't show that need to show everyone that he's better than them. I hope you get what I'm tryin to say. Maybe as he gets more playing time and gets adjusted and gets used to his linemates he'll start goin balls to the wall, and show just how talented he is. But if you watched that game you wouldn't know one of the top prospects in the world was on the ice.

On a side note Sbisa looked pretty solid.

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