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09-13-2004, 07:57 PM
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New League, New Rules, Better Game


The owners need to find a way to:
1) make money for each club (not a just a handful that are the same teams driving up the salaries of superstars and role player's alike);
2) assure an even playing field (ie. competative balance) year after year (I am tired of using the Flames and Lightning as "proof" of competetive balance -- the Flames couldn't afford to keep its entire first line togther and Tampa Bay has been unable to keep its team together due to damn near every restricted or unrestricted player thinking they were the reason for the Cup); and
3) provide entertainment VALUE.

If the player's don't want to participate in assisting the owners in meeting these very fair and reasonable goals then the owners have a right to restructure the league on its own and invite any player that wants to participate to do so.

This NEW professional hockey league should, in my opinion and that of Ken Dryden, be 4 on 4 rather than 5 on 5.

I am also in favor of the following rules:
1) Defense must play the puck and not be allowed to trap (something like th illegal defenses prohibited in basketball)
2) get rid of the red line
3) get rid to the two line pass rule
4) 1980s sized goalie pads
5) penalty after 5 icings to keep play moving and discourage icings.

People will pay to seek this style of hockey.

If there is not a cap, then the luxury tax should be less than $35M. The penalty for overspending should be 3 to 1 from dollar one. There should also be draft pick and playoff roster spot implications. The idea is this -- I team will have the ability to spend money to pursue the Cup in any or every year it chooses to do so but such a short sighted objective might affect the team for several years to come. The GM can decide but right now luxury tax in baseball is a farce because the Yankees will just spend the money to mix and match tens of millions of dollars worth of players, few other teams can do the same, and the only consequence is the Yankees having to write a check to MLB.

I invite all comments.

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