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04-11-2009, 09:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Price4Prez View Post
Cry me a river, people.

For every customer that complains, there are 10 that are happy.

That's life when you offer a product, as wanted and needed as internet. Its like cars, there is so much variety, that some consumers like Ford, some like Nissan.And some take the bus and complain about all of them.

To get back to the point:

a) All DSL sub-contractors throttle
b) All DSL sub-contractors reduce speeds then what is advertised

c) Videotron does not have enough bandwith with their packages

So in reality, do you really see any logical choice aside from Bell. Look I might work for Bell. But I was a consumer long before an employee, and I was always provided great service.
How is Bell a logical choice? If you want reliability, neutrality and speed, videotron is the choice. If you want bandwidth and cheap prices you go with a 3rd party DSL reseller. What is Bell offering that is positively setting them apart from the competition?

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