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09-13-2004, 08:39 PM
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Originally Posted by nikeisevil

So... what is the middle ground? Anyone have any ideas? Here's mine:

-The players agree to a one-time 5% rollback in salaries

-The owners agree to a luxury tax system - but far tougher than the criteria the nhlpa put forth. Rather than $50 Million, why not $31 Million? That number can be modified should revenues increase on a yearly basis - and likewise should they decrease.

-A performance based system for both sides that allows for increases if the players yearly numbers are higher than when the previous contract was signed, and decreases should the players numbers be lower than when the previous contract was signed. The numbers would be based on the average points over the duration of the previous contract. Those said increases and decreases could be individually negotiated at contract time with agents and GM's based on the criteria put forth over the new CBA. Once a contract is signed the player would earn the entirety of the contract regardless of how they played.

-The entry level system I am sure they both agree to negotiate fairly

-The revenue sharing system I am sure they both agree to negotiate fairly
A luxury tax will probably be the end result and $31M is a good number. Love the performance based idea. Not sure the owner's will share anything but tv revenue. That's why its important to increase revenues by making the game better and more exciting to new fans.

My humble opinions are in the thread I just posted. Any thoughts?

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