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04-11-2009, 10:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
And I thought that being a fan was to still have opinions that might not go the way you would want it to go. Who says that Boston will be undisciplined? How about playing hard without getting penalties? By the way, the quote your responded to was about which players on our side had the ability to injure other players from other teams. And the answer is nobody. Now that this is settled, as far as winning games are concerned, I just don't see it. I don't have the utmost confidence in Carey yet. I don't have confidence that Pleks will upgrade his game, nor do I think that there's enough depth up front and on D, especially if Markov isn't there, to go through that Boston team who, compared to last year, has THEIR Markov in full health, has way more confidence as a team and against us and who is just a better team in itself.

I believe that any bad team can beat a great team any given night.....but not win 4 games. I wish as hell that I'm wrong, that's what being a fan REALLY is. Despite any predictions that goes against your team, that you prefer being wrong and see your team win, instead of hoping you're right just to say that you were. I know a couple of posters like that, I know I'm not one of them.
I'm not so much questioning how much of a fan you are as questioning why you feel the need to post negatively so often in this thread before the puck has been dropped. Seeding aside, if you told me at the beginning of the year that MTL would face BOS in the first round, I wouldn't have been surprised. Did I expect the comedy of errors and string of injuries that lead MTL to the 8th seed...not really. Did I expect BOS to tear through the conference en route to a near presidents trophy season....not a chance. At the end of the day though, we saw these lineups go at it last year in the playoffs and it was a war. The seedings didn't matter then and they don't matter now. Boston is favoured and they deserve to be but the Habs can beat this team. They did it last year.

I'm not looking for other posters to have opinions that exactly mirror my own but if I'm on a Habs board and all I see are negative posts it should be the end of the bloody playoffs and not the beginning.

Go Habs

p.s. I realize I quoted the wrong post but it was you I meant to quote given your post history in this thread. No offense intended as you're not the only one its more just a comment on the bi-polar nature of our boards right now.

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