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Originally Posted by ladybugblue
I don't know about the rest of you but am so frustrated. I know a lot of people blame the current labor problems on the NHL and owners and some people blame the NHLPA. It really doesn't matter the NHL and owners may have made the problem by offering outrageous salaries but they are trying to fix it without any players losing their jobs. Why don't the players look at this like a regular business? If the company I work for had 75% or even 70% of the revenue going to salary they would slash me they do this all the time. What frustrates me is that the NHLPA thinks anything tied to Revenues is a salary cap I say this is complete bull. In the movie business if actors etc said to the producers I want our salaries to be 65-70% of revenues they would be laughed at. And lets face it hockey is entertainment and a business pure and simple.

This is my proposal for a solution:
Every player has a base salary of $1 million to $2.5 million depending on age of the player. This would be league wide. Coupled with this would be performance based incentives such as a bonus if you reach 50 goals in the year etc. and bonuses would be the same league wide. The bonuses would be tied to the revenues of either their respective team or the league (either way could work). The bonus would be a percentage of the revenues (but within reason). For example:
5 players under 25 and they get paid $5 million
10 players between 25-32 they get paid $20 million
5 players over 32 get paid $12.5 million

Total base salary is $37.5 million

Now say the revenue for a team is around $58.3 million (this is just the number that the league provided in terms of revenue divided by 30 teams...I am sure it would be different but for arguments purpose...) and say you are the Tampa Bay Lightning and you are Brad Richards or Martin St. Louis say the bonus for winning the Stanley cup is 1% and the Con Smythe is 2% as well as the Hart Trophy, Art Ross. The two players would be making $3.749 million and $4.915 million and the team salary at the very least would be $58.488 million.

Now this doesn't leave much room for profit but say the owners does not have hand out huge salary increases the following year because they are set and the revenues increases by 20% because the sell out more games and get a higher paying local TV deal because of their success. The revenues would be $69.96 million and say the same thing happened the salaries would be for the two players $4.0988 million and $5.498 million and team costs would be $62.6856.

Now if the team failed to make the playoffs and the revenue only increased to 10% (no playoffs) then the owners would have a healthy profit that year.

I know this will be completely shot down (by poster and the like) and the the players would NEVER go for it but this would solve two problems:
1. Salaries seem to be every going up but revenues are not increasing as quickly.
2. The product on the ice needs to get much better and this would force players to work hard for the money they earn. The more success as a team or player the more money they would get.

Either way we know nothing will work with the two sides right now it is just so frustrating. Either they have to lower salaries or at least 10 teams need to fold and the NHLPA loses 300 jobs for its members. I hope the members know this may very well happen. I don't like this idea either why don't the players and owners work together to get the league healthy and at least watched on TV in the U.S. the ratings say it all down here...Poker and about 10 other sports events are more popular...this is part of the problem.
I'm not going to argue with NHLPA fans anymore... Hopefully.

Anyway, I like your post. I would like to see a system like you mention. 1 million to 2.5 million base salary for players depending on how long they've been in the league, plus revenue based % bonuses for performance.

Any system that gives a base salary that is low plus bonuses for playing good is terrific, because it encourages players to be their best, and gives teams a break from paying underacheivers.

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