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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Agree. Not only that but I really think that the Bruins started the series being intimidated by the regular season they had against us.....but then woke up and realized that they could play with us. Clearly the intimidating factor is not on our side this year to say the least....
The last game we played them we didn't look overly intimidated. I actually think the guys came out of that game with alot more confidence that they could square off with the B's during the playoffs. I think our guys woke up and realized they could play with the B's.

If the B's want to intimidate physically then let them. We'll field BGL and Stewart and take out their better players and they'll take out ours and whoever advances does so with a seriously depleted ability to move forward through the payoffs. We won't be seeing that happen. Everybody loses.

Since I had squat to do this morning I took a look at our respective rosters. The B's average 6'1" with their forwards and 6'1.5" with the defense. The Habs average 6'0" for their forwards and 6'1" for their defense. In the weight category B's forwards 193.75 lbs. defense 208.25. Habs forwards 206.80 lbs. defense 208.30.

If the Habs decide to play physically they match up well losing an inch in height and outweigh them up front. It will come down to what game plan the B's decide to use. If they bully it up they will pay with our PP like in the last game. If they don't then our speed should be a factor.

I am not trying to convince you we are better but we can offer a challenge. The Bruins have had 20 points on us for a couple of months now. They haven't been exactly burning it up any more than we have. If TT hadn't played the way he did all season long you can bet it would be a lot closer than what you are seeing now.

I think we'll be more of a challenge that you are giving them credit for.

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