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09-14-2004, 02:34 AM
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All I will comment on is the 4-on-4 suggestion.

If the NHL goes 4-on-4, it would force that change throughout the game at every level.

In the NHL, that means 3-5 less roster spots, which means lost jobs, which the players union would not tolerate, nor should they.

At the junior/college level, less roster spots means less players have a chance to make pro hockey.

Most importantly...

At the minor hockey level, less kids on a team means more teams need to be in any given association, and more teams does not mean more ice time will be available. It means the exact opposite. The kids would get less ice time if the game goes to 4-on-4. Ultimately, kids would be discouraged from playing the game, which would be disastrous for the future of hockey.

Long story short, with the game 4-on-4, less people get to play hockey. No matter what level you consider, that is wrong.

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