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09-14-2004, 02:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Vlad The Impaler
If they are collective ($2,00,000 bonus if you win the cup, $1,00,000 bonus if regular season champ or whatever) they could lead to more pukes like Kariya and Selanne signing up only with strong teams. Thus weak teams might become perpetually weak because who wants to sign with bonus clauses that are collective on a pathetic team?
Honestly, I don't get the grudge a lot of people reserve for Kariya & Selanne, other than that the two didn't sign for your own team....

What exactly was their cardinal sin? That they approached a team, instead of the other way around? Whoa. That they said out loud that they want a fighting chance for the Cup? As if everyone else doesn't. That they "walked out" on their previous teams? Get real. That they didn't ask for megabucks (which according to Vlad and many others is exactly the problem with players today, right?) but settled for a measly $7 million between the two of them? Man, I don't get it how they manage the bills with peanuts like that. That they somehow undermined the position of younger players downplaying their own value? Yeah right, the rulebook sure was rewritten overnight after this travesty. Every GM will from now on take $1.2M is the going rate for an All-Star, while up and coming youngsters will have to settle for 1/10th of that. Oh what suffering.

Please explain. I will be delighted to hear your underlying logic, if there is one.

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