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04-12-2009, 11:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Prudentius View Post
Not at all. And I suspect you were probably there celebrating when it broke out but your disconnected from reality. One guy with too much beer in starts troubles and the mob mentality will kick in. I've seen on several occasions people by the Centre Bell just coming out of the arena after game 7 rushing with excitement the street because they could see smokes rising, thinking a riot was going on, when it was just people being idiots with their cars. A lot of habs fan were drunk, taking "clichés" with cops cars burning behind them. If you think this is some organized militia with a clear political goal, lol at you.

There's cops haters everywhere, including habs fans. Whether you want it or not.

It doesn't mean they were all habs fan, but what your saying is like saying hooligans aren't legitimate soccer fans. Sorry, but they are, whether you like it or not. Whether these people are violent or not. You're not god and you don't choose who your around with or who decide to associate with your club. Being violent doesn't automatically disqualify you from being one of the biggest supporter or fan of your team.

This being said, I hope there's not another riot, but for some reason I don't see the same hype this year. I don't think it will happens, maybe a few scuffles between fans but that's it.
LOL at your ridiculous take on this so called riot. Why would you even post if you know nothing about what happened? It wasn't we the fans that said it was a well orchestrated crime it was the cops themselves in the following days. Where were you that you didn't follow the story closely enough to understand that everything you wrote in your post was fiction?

Just so you understand clearly: the police issued a statement the days following the event reporting and confirming that it was NOT a riot but a crime of vandalism targeting the police cars and police themselves using the playoff game as a cover to execute their crime. How do you relate a criminal act to a riot by fans?

Hypothetically, let's make the case a terrorist sets off bombs to coincide with game 7 of the MLB ALCS or any other sporting event where thousands of people would hit the streets at the same time providing cover, distraction, chaos and a means to be invisible and escape. Say this happened in Boston for example. Would it be fair to label Bruin fans as rioters when it had absolutely nothing to do with a riot but was a carefully executed criminal act?

Get your facts straight before you post. There was no riot and there will not be any riots this year either.

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