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09-14-2004, 06:48 AM
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Originally Posted by broman
That they didn't ask for megabucks (which according to Vlad and many others is exactly the problem with players today, right?)
That's one of the problem of the NHL today but that's not the greater problem at all.

The strongest problem today is an unreasonably unequal financial field leading to several questionable moves across the NHL. That's what I have always been against.

You can cut it any way you want but in the end, Kariya and Selanne still signed with a rich powerhouse, only accentuating a phenomenon we have seen recently. In effect, players take paycuts to remain or join rich powerhouses like Detroit and Colorado, and other veterans defer money to play for those same team.

It only adds insult to injury as far as I'm concerned.

As for my feelings for Paul Kariya, I believe this guy has zero loyalty nor any gratitude. He became a filthy rich athlete who never even earned half of his salary in Anaheim, he put the Ducks in a corner and left them when they would have easily resigned him for more than what he took with Colorado.

That's the least a heartless thief like him should have given back. On a scale of 10, Kariya scores an 11 on the puke-o-meter.

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