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04-12-2009, 03:09 PM
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Originally Posted by TheKingPin View Post
I also noticed that you are saying we are trying to upgrade Marty by adding Montoya...You dont seem to understand the value of having potential players in the system.
Oh, I do. I also understand that you cannot keep a player at Montoya's stage nicely sitting in the AHL forever. It's nearly time for him to become a full-time NHLer or fodder. Based on five games, apparently he's passed the NHL test with flying colors according to you and a few others.

But to say hahahahaha ROFL lololol, why would you ever trade a 6th rounder to PHX for this guy?
First, thanks for putting words in my post/head. Never said I would not move a 6th for Montoya - where did that fantasy originate in your dome?

Did say that the idea of replacing Biron with Montoya is hilarious. And typical.

And not take it back given he has done very well in the only time he has been in the NHL, is ignorant. Face it dude, you were wrong.
Yes, and if he has a bad game or two, then if you do not take it back, you are "ignorant". See how bi-polarsim works?

Since you choose to get personal, I'll kindly suggest that your comment is the epitome of a "Born Yesterday Everyday" types". One who is soooooo eassssily (pathetically) impressed by a good week, a good game, a good period, a good shift.

One incapable of perspective, patience: "He scored a goal! He's great!....He didn't score a goal! He's a bum!"

As such, being deemed "wrong" and ignorant" by your type is taken for what it's worth. Absolutely nothing.

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