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09-14-2004, 09:36 AM
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Originally Posted by djhn579
The NHLPA knows that they can exploit the current situation, that's why they don't want a salary cap. They just want more money regardless of what the consequenses are for the fans (lost leams does effect fans, especially in the cities that lose teams...) or the owners. That is called being greedy. They would hardly be underpaid under a salary cap.
They want more money? Is this why they're the ones offering concessions on their own binding contracts which they signed because the owners game them the money? Maybe the players want the owners to admit to their own mistakes instead of putting the onus on the players?

If someone offered you $7 mill more a year than what you're worth like Bobby Holik you sure as hell aren't thinking about being greedy. The Devils offered around the same number so it's not like he was demanding as much.

Lost teams does effect fans, if you take a team from a market that doesn't support your team to a market you know will (Winnipeg), you're going to make more money just by putting fans in the seats.

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