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09-14-2004, 10:44 AM
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Originally Posted by fan mao rong
Stay tuned. Fairly shortly they will issue a drop dead date. Then if they don't get an agreement by then , they can cancel the whole season. I think that both sides have agreed to have a 72 game season, if they played all ready. And I think I seen on the internet somewhere that management would like to get in the full 72 game season. Then perhaps, when it is not possible to get in the full 72 games, they will issue the drop dead date.
The drop dead date will not be until January. In January of 1999 the NBA was in a lockout and they got a deal done ON the drop dead date.

And just to encourage people, the NBA was in a much similar situation, with both sides going no where.

Although the NBA is looking at the same nuclear winter after the upcoming season, we are facing this year, which should fuel the NHL and NHLPA even more to get a deal done THIS season.

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