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04-12-2009, 07:23 PM
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Originally Posted by hockeymom03 View Post
and I know nothing about the sport

where my son comes from I have no idea LOL - both my husband and I are not into sports - his 1/2 siblings are 100% into video games
and about a week before my sons birthday he was watching a hockey game at walmart and asked for a hockey stick instead of a video game (like I was gonna argue)

I got him a street hockey set - and he had started to bug me to play on ice.. - so I took him to a rink to show him ice- and found a place that does 8 weeks free hockey lessons (my guess to see if your kid actually likes it) - He asked to start now - (this is with NO pressure from me) Hey I figure why not let him go at his speed... (he's 6) but I know NOTHING about Hockey - being a hockey mom or anything!

any tips? advice? (besides selling my eggs for equiptment and touring costs)
Coaching Tips...I have tons. Some like them, some don't. It's all good!
Come and sign up on my's free. Tons of tips and drills.

Now, one of the other posters on this thread said..."Don't spend money on skates." In fact, this is where you want to spend the money. Not on expensive equipment until he's at the checking age level.

Hockey is 80% skating and 80% of skating is balance. This is key! Invest time and money in skating clinics. You want to have a super star...skating is where it's at.

Now, as far as expensive skates. I recommend you go to "Play it again sports" and find an expensive pair that someone wanted to turn in for resale. Trust me when I tell you, they are out there, and they will be CHEAP!

An expensive skate has great support. And like the other guy said, kids grow out of them very fast. So go get expensive used one.

If you want help, PM me and I will try to help long distance.

Head coach

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