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09-14-2004, 12:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Edge
Well for the better part of his tenure there have been two types within the NHL. Pro-Bettman and anti-Bettman. Obviously the latter of the two has grown in recent years.

Bettman is essentially the rope in this tug of war. If he doesn't get a cap, the owners will want him out. If he does, the players will. You could argue he is now being played by both sides. Neither side willing to seriously negotiate in an effort to get him out, but who knows about that.

Either way I suspect that if there is a lockout, Bettman's job security goes down with each passing week.
you'd think it would be in bettman's best interest to find some common ground between the players and owners. instead he's clearly sided with the owners. if the lockout occurs and bettman is eventually forced out i'd love to see who if anyone steps up to take the reigns. obviously a lockout would severely tarnish the game and it would take a marketing genius to restore the game's integrity. wanna venture a guess on a bettman successor??

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