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09-14-2004, 01:03 PM
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There hasn't been any urgency to the negotiations. I think it is crazy that the best argument for a hard cap is to protect the league from 5-6 owners. No one is forcing the owners to over-pay for free agents.
You're right, but let's say I am rebuilding a small market team and now that rookie is asking for a million dollars to sign {take one look at the Fleury contract in Pitts.} What exactly are you supposed to do? You can't sign final pieces and by the time you build a team it's too expensive to keep together.

It's not the Detroit's and the Dallas' or the Ranger's who are getting hurt. It's the teams that can't even get themselves on solid ground because they are damned if they do and damned if they don't. And whether we like it or not that is far too much of the league right now.
It is also hard to believe that teams claiming to be losing money would be willing to pay money for some kind of luxury tax. I realize that the teams that spend more on payroll like the Rangers aren't the ones losing money, but I think the luxury tax would be the best resolution.
Actually the Rangers have lost money last year themselves. And have been borderline for a while.

And I know i've said this 10 times but where are you getting the revenue for a luxury tax system?

Also we must keep in mind that the only thing we've even touched on right now is salaries which says nothing of operational costs including maintenance {making ice isn't easy and it's very costly} or marketing or advertising costs.

Possibly allowing teams the flexibility to spend more to re-sign their own players without being penalized similar to the NBA could work?
Problem being {Which no one seems to be acknoleding} is that the league is LOSING money. Not 6 or 7 figure type losses but rather 8 and 9 figure losses. And juding from my past experience, those might be "Generous" estimates so that companies who own teams don't get in trouble with their share holders.

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