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04-12-2009, 11:33 PM
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Originally Posted by dulzhok View Post
No way Sullivan gets a 6 year deal. No way. What happens if his back starts acting up again... then a team's gonna be on the hook for 6 years of paying him? Also, he's going to be pretty much insurable. 2 year max deal for Sullivan. $2.0-3m, with team option for 2nd year.

Lets deal in facts. Every player cleared to play has their contract insured for up to 7 years. There are also no "options" permitted in the CBA. Learn the rules. If his back goes he goes on LTIE and the insurance pays him
I am not saying he plays in years 4 thru 6. If you think Franzen is playing years 10 and 11 for 1 mill. I have some swamp land for you. It's a loophole in the CBA that permits teams that want to keep their players to pay them while lowering the cap hit.
As long as the player is under 35 when he signs the deal he can retire and his cap hit goes away so they pay big $$$ for a few years and then add a few years at small amounts so when averaged the cap hit when playing is small even though the dollars are not.

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