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04-13-2009, 08:18 AM
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Originally Posted by Mustafa View Post
Why do you put Fischer ahead of Carle?
Upside, Fischer is making good progress, he's the top D on his team imo and while the offense hasn't really been there, he's usually very solid in his own end.

Carle has had a tough year, he has looked much better of late, but I want to see him improve as he has been passed by Carle.

Originally Posted by Mustafa View Post
I have read the article, but i always thought that carle was a step ahead developpement wise, he's already playing pro and can play the physical game, plus he's having a injury riddled season. I want to have some insight from Montreal (the poster) on the subject.
Carle is a step ahead development wise since he's playing in the AHL vs the NCAA, but I would expect Fischer to be more effective at the AHL level whenever he reaches that level either next season or the following. Carle has trouble with the physical game, and in his own end, but has shown improvement there.

Originally Posted by Maxpac View Post
It's not the 1st time you hear you talk about my manners on the board, i just write it like i would say it out loud, i know it seems pretty straight forward but i never mean it in an angry or sarcastic tone, i'm sorry if you read me wrong, i'l try harder next time....

IMO Desharnais has done too much right now to be below Trunev, from completely dominating the ECHL as a rookie and finishing 2nd on the Bulldogs scoring list (again as a rookie) is damn impressive. I agree though that he needs to work on his topend speed as well as his acceleration

As for this guy, the day he stops thinking he's all that and gets some powerskating lessons, maybe he'l a have shot at an NHL future, but Lappierre has completely blown him off the map, and with White coming in, my guess is he'l be gone in a package deal before next year.

No doubt that Desharnais has been impressive for what he's done as a pro. I think Trunev also has impressive offensive skills and he's got that speed that Desharnais lacks, plus when you factor in that Trunev doesn't turn 19 until the season is already started next year, I went more with upside on Trunev then actual play.

Chipchura sure could use some powerskating lessons, anything to help him be more explosive. White looks to be a few years away so he shouldn't have any impact on Chipchura, and he's got the same issues, he's got to get quicker as well.

Originally Posted by ReVeuF View Post
We need an awesome 1st line center prospect, Maxwell is 2nd line potential. We really need to draft a center in 1st round.
No doubt. Maxwell exceded my expectations this year, as he looked really good, I just hope he gets stronger, fills out his frame more, but I look forward to what he can do as he continues to progress/develop. But it's clear the Habs must upgrade the center position over the next couple of drafts. Timmins has done this with the D prospects, as a few years back going into the '06 draft it was a major need and since then it's been addressed. Hopefully the focus will be the center position in June.

Originally Posted by Komisarev View Post
great list as usual. I really like the fact that you reply to the questions some of us have. I know that you hear this everytime you make a new list, but we really miss you as our team writer.
Thanks a lot, it's nice to hear positive feedback as I put a ton of time and energy into this throughout the year. But it's also very fun to do, so it never feels like work, I'm just glad people actually like to read about the prospects and I enjoy the discussions, answering questions, etc...

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