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04-13-2009, 09:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Fine. No need for anything else. Can't wait to see the pace of it. Should we ask for a quick description or maybe not even go there? It will be done quicker without a description. Maybe we should say that if people have a little description 'cause they know the guy, have seen him play and it's not too hard and long to do, well do it. If you don't have it or just will take a description that we can already find through internet, no need to.

The idea behind the description is to inform the guys of this board. And the only way it will be new information is that if it's your own personal view of the player, not something we can find on the net.
Yeah, the description isn't mandatory or anything but it'd be nice if everyone can do one. It's more of a gm "quote" than a description though. We've done it the last 2 mock's so I figure most posters should be able to do one.

Alright guys, the lottery is tomorrow so we'll probably start the draft on Wednesday.

I'm going to assume though that there will be a few posters MIA?

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