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04-13-2009, 11:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Globalz View Post
Headcoach could you elaborate on why its better to force the kid to play lefty if he writes with his right hand?

Im a righty in hockey and in life aswell actually in eveysport i am a righty and all of that is by feeling.
Same here. I don't believe in having a naturally stronger side. One side will only be as strong as you train it to be.

If you want to use the "artistic side" as an argument, it's well known that the right hemisphere of the brain is known as the artistic side. It controls the left side of the body. That would mean that most people should be playing with the left hand at the top of the stick. Not so. Just let the kid hold the stick the way he feels comfortable with, and let him practise and train that side, instead of trying to force some pre-conceived notions on him.

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