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Originally Posted by Krautso View Post
The part that really gets me is how over the top they are on their boards. Continuous bashes against the Habs as divers, paying off refs, no honour?, ethnic bashes, being soft, etc which is essentially trolling for hab fans to go in and try to defend against the ignorance. The difference between the two boards is night and day. We don't continually bash the B's or the city of Boston here (if so these posts aren't up for long because I have yet to see them).

It probably has something to do with the lopsided playoff history between these two teams (where many B's fans look to blame anyone but the play of their own team). I also think it has alot to do with the cultural difference between USA/Can posters as it seems other sport forums (which are US dominated) seem to have alot of this crap as well.

There are a lot of good B's posters but they seem ignore the garbage posted in their own forums and maybe if they policed it a little more they would have some more respect when they come in and post on our boards. Posting an innocent comment on the habs board when you just finished posting inflammatory garbage on your own board doesn't fool anyone. It goes both ways. I think it adds something to these boards when fans from different teams can post freely about hockey. Unfortunately, if I want to post something about the Bruins I have to do it in the Habs board which seems out of whack.

I guarantee that if the B's win this series the discussion will be 99% dissecting our team's play/future than whining about some bullsh!t reason the series was "stolen" from the habs. That is unless someone tries to carve out Koivu's eye again with no penalty. That one kind of got us going....

Sorry for the rant
I totally agree with you. I'm not even bothering reading their board, even if 50% of their threads involve the Habs. And yes, there seem to be a different moderation for this board and the Bruins board.

But on the other hand, Moderators are people like you and me who try to moderate those forums on their free time. So just like any poster, some are impartials, some are biased, some are quick to judge and others are more careful. I guess it really depend of the personnality of each one.

I'm not expecting the same impartiality that I can expect from a judge, a cop or any law enforcers. This is a internet forum after all and like I previously said, those guys are moderating on their free time. I really think that most of the mods are trying to do their best with the knowledge they have.

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