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09-14-2004, 04:25 PM
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i hadn't read this before and i thought it was interesting. i apologize if it's common knowledge.

Because the NHL is already in a niche position in the United States and cannot afford significant fan erosion, Wheeler suggests that the owners and the players should conduct a "virtual lockout." In this scenario, the games would go on, but all the revenues would be funneled into an escrow account. The public-relations damage to the sport will be avoided, he said, and the money accumulated would serve as an impetus to get an agreement done.

Daly said that can't be an option since the owners would lose less money by shutting down instead of continuing under the current economic system. If a whole season is missed, the league could try to declare an impasse, whereby it could attempt to unilaterally impose its own rules without the union. It would then be up to the individual players to decide whether they would want to return without representation and under the league-imposed system, which would likely include a cap.

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