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09-14-2004, 03:40 PM
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Is this not their job?

You would think that it is in the best interest of Slob Goodenow and Gary Sh*tman to get this whole conflict resolved so that the players can play, and the owners can make money. Because they will all lose a lot of money if there is no season.

My best bet as to what those two jokers are doing right now is probably relaxing in some hotel room, having all their "expenses" paid for them, figuratively jerking it...

Bobby Orr had a good idea when he said lock them in a room until they figure something out. And I don't understand why that's not being done. They should be under extreme pressure from their respective organizations to get a deal worked out, and oh yeah, in case I forget maybe the fact that there's 200 million fans that would really like them to take their fingers out of their ***es and figure something out....

Their job is to make sure the league runs and that the players are happy with the way it's being run. If they're not doing that, maybe they should get someone who actually cares about there being a hockey season next year.

Geez. Someone's gotta do something......

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