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04-13-2009, 04:20 PM
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Laraque's role is pretty simple, he needs to get the Bruins out of tehir gameplan. What is tehir gameplan? The Bruins like to send their enforcer out there and play it rude, he needs to calm things down, he doesn't need to bring more tension because we know they have more that 2 enforcers and they have other pretty good offensive players. So what he needs to do is keep everything as calm as possible so that we can match up Higgins with Thornton and we all know who's got more talent. We need to be able to play our game and not always have to respond to their game. Our game isn't hitting everyone, while the Bruins look for the hits, we are htting when the time comes. So we have to keep doing that. Laraque's job will be huge in all these little scrums, he has to make them short and sweet.

Stewart if he plays will have to get Lucic out of his game, Stewart can't have the respect Laraque has, so I hope Bob will match Metro's line with Lucic line when Stewart is in, because Lucic will maybe fight him and then it will be a good 5 minute trade. Stewart can't go after Thornton because that would light things up, Scott T. is too dangerous for Stewart but if he concentrates himself on Lucic, Lucic will maybe focus on Stewart and not on Komisarek or anyother player.

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