Thread: Speculation: Radulov might return to the NHL
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04-13-2009, 11:42 PM
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Originally Posted by The Pucks View Post
You mean the thread about Swedish transfer arrangements that you tired to hijack and bring in your russian propoganda?
No, that was the thread about that two Swedes signing in the KHL.
And look! Look how this troll MuscleBob hijacks into a thread about Swedes and starts offtoping about the KHL:
Originally Posted by The Pucks View Post
Ever hear of somebody named Radulov? The leagues had agreed to respect contracts than Radulov was POACHED big time. That thew any respect the NHL had for the KHL out the window.
Oh, wait. That's your post. Mine was a response to yours:
Originally Posted by Muscle Bob View Post

1) There was no agreement signed. It was a verbal agreement.
2) Even if you think of a verbal agreement as an efficient one, one week before Radulov signed in the KHL, Tomas Mojzis signed with Minnesota while having a contract with no out-clauses with Sibir. Oh, I said this word. Every time I write "Mojzis" my opponents who were blaming the KHL for not respecting "agreements" just disappear. Please, don't disapear.

Edit: I probably shouldn't be bashing you, you are just a perfect example of a N.A. ordinary reader. This is what you've been told by your media. NHL=good, KHL=bad. You're like a 4th or 5th person here who's written about the KHL poaching Radulov despite having an agreement.
So how exactly did I hijack that thread if it were you who mentioned Radulov and the KHL first?

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