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Originally Posted by Leopold Stotch View Post
I have a question that I imagine only you guys could answer. I remember reading on here some time ago that in that 2004 playoffs, where Travis Green slashed Kovalev and he bumped into Souray, etc., that Kovalev was actually legitimately injured on that play. Any truth to it? It's to settle a bet.

And for those thinking I might be trolling, far from it. Kovalev is one of my favorite players in the game, and when that play came up, I defended Kovalev, mentioning how Souray made a pretty dumb move on that play(which is how I saw it), and had he been in better position that goal doesn't happen. Anyway, can someone help a brother out?
I remember that when the media interviewed them the next day he had his hand/thumb taped up. I don't recall if they explicitly said what the injury was, but I'd say he in fact did get hurt on the play.

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