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04-14-2009, 12:34 PM
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Originally Posted by neofury View Post
To be honest the reason i want to sign him and not go for Lecavalier or Kovalchuk is as follows:

He isn't a FUTURE risk. Even if we give him 7$mil a season and he has a career ending injury or a season ending injury, his salary is then off the books. Don't get me wrong though I know it won't help that our organization would have pissed away 7$mil I just think if any organization can handle it, it's a team that has sell out crowds each night, and adding Gaborik would add an even greater dimension to merch sales. Imagine all the Gaborik jerseys you would see?

With Vinny or Kovalchuk, you need to give up a lot to get a lot and get stuck with a similar salary and similar contract years (not sure about Kovalchuks length but for Vinny its long).

With Gaborik you take the injury risk but you don't give up a ton of youth, current roster players, picks, etc. I think in the longterm, the risk is smarter to go with a guy like Gab because his potential is insane, and if he isn't injured he will reach said potential. People quickly forget when discussing injury prone players that the players they throw out there like Lecavalier/Kovalchuk tho not injury prone CAN be injured too. Just because it hasn't happened recently doesn't mean it won't happen soon. And then what? You gave up like 4 players and 2 picks + took on the contract, in order to get that player.

I wouldn't be against going after Kovalchuk because he's younger then vinny and if I'm not mistaking his contract length isn't crazy, maybe we'd throw in more players then not dependant on an extension, point is though Gaborik doesn't come with all the costs of giving up players, he comes with a salary.
Kovalchuk is a ufa next year

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