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04-14-2009, 01:41 PM
rician blast
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Originally Posted by Newhabfan View Post
And don't tell me the Bruins fans on the Bruins boards do not claim they win, repeatedly or otherwise. The whole thread started because of this.
I think I've acknowledged that fact and the fact that those claiming this is some kind of easy series likely are not true, knowledgable fans.

Hmmm, since you posted this:

"You know, let's be more sympathethic toward the Bruins fans. Most of them know/feel/fear the fact that they have about 2 days left for bragging and try to make the most out of it. Things are going to get ugly for them starting Friday morning"...

Does that mean you fall into the same category, just with a different alliance?

If you look at either team's fanbase and their posts I think there are quite a few on both sides that are overcondident, or stirring the pot or looking for attention or are just idiots.

When you think about it it's amazing how many threads are based not on these teams, the series and playoff hopes but are more or less based on these peripheral issues and who's fans are saying what. This thread is an example of that.

So go ahead and focus on what the B's fans are saying or their supposed over-confidence (remember they don't speak for all B's fans) and I'll go back to talking hockey...we all have our place I guess. Enjoy.

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