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04-14-2009, 03:54 PM
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I can't blame Sully for testing the market. Free agency doesn't come around too many times over the life of a career, and who among us wouldn't like to see a system similar to free agency in our industries. I don't necessarily think he owes the Predators anything for standing by him during his time injured. What else were they going to do? He had zero trade value. The NHL and it's teams are a business first and I really think that if it made financial sense to release him the Predators would have released him, especially given their financial concerns. I don't think any of this diminishes one bit of what Sully accomplished in Nashville and the door seems to at least remain open.

Given the economic times and his injury history I can't imagine teams threatening to outbid Nashville for him ala Scott Hartnell and Timmonen. I would love to see him return to Nashville, as long as his salary is reasonable (IMO 2 years at 3 million per). It seems that we want to get younger, and I think we can get younger in other ways . . .DeVries, Bonk, Fiddler, etc. Arnott has a comfort level with him and I think he brings an excitement and energy to the ice and the dressing room. We are already week in the top six and I doubt we will see an impact free agent signed (its just not what Poile does). Do we think we have someone who can step in and replace a point per game and bring the same intangibles?

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