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Name: Who wants to know?

Same as the Warchief

Do whatnow?

Where You're From:
SoCal by way of a looooooooong stay in North Dakota (our schools are better than North Carolina's--but not by much!)

Where You Live Now:
Raleigh, NC

Predominantly Italian.

Hair Color:

Eye Color:

Mode of Transportation:
A pair of Crocs (for now)

I work in a call center. That's all you need to know.

What brought you to HF Boards:
I have always been here.

How you became a hockey fan:
In a nutshell: I watched it on ESPN at my grandmother's house (she had the stolen cable).

How you became a Canes fan:
They needed me.

Favorite thing about being a Canes fan:
We're not a bunch of classless tools...unlike certain other fanbases.

Favorite Canes Player(s):
I have none. Every time I name a favourite, he gets traded away.

Favorite NON Canes Player(s):
Marek Malik.

Other Sports You Like:
Hurley, Aussie Rules Football, Beisbol, Formula 1, Rugby, Yanqui Futbol

Other Sports Teams You Cheer For:
There is no team but the Hurricanes, and Rod is its Warchief. Oh wait, you mean other sports besides hokej? Oh--Dodgers, Redskins, Essendon Bombers, Adler Mannheim, Lakers, and whoever is playing against any Detroit team or the Dallas Cowboys.

College Attended/Attending:

Video Game Systems Owned:
I wish.

Favorite Game(s):
WoW (PST for server and toon info), C&C, Red Alert, any good city-builder and any game by Sid Meier.

Music You Listen To:
Just about anything that isn't Opera or Country.

Favorite Movie(s):
Blade Runner, Blues Brothers, Star Trek (even the crappy ones), Casablanca

Favorite Book(s):
Anything that isn't written by Stephenie Meyer or Anne Rice.

Favorite Food(s):
Surprisingly, I like vegetables that aren't green beans or butter beans. I'm also not keen on bananas or liver, but that's a texture thing more than a taste thing. Anything else, I'm willing to give a go. Well, except for offal and lutefisk. Brains and stuff aren't my bag.

Favorite TV Show(s): NHL Live, Top Gear, Babylon 5, BSG, House, CSI (and its two spinoffs), The Mentalist, and 11th Hour.

Hockey Jerseys In Wardrobe:
Hurricanes white Malik, Hurricanes red Langdon, Vancouver navy Malik.

Anything Else:
I'm really not that hard to get along with. Especially once you realize that I'm just really really dry.

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