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04-14-2009, 09:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Hobgoblin Steve View Post
so Ive been looking at the RBK 5k pumps from 2008, I see good reviews on the website which leads me to think they'd be pretty good. Ive tried em on, and they feel nice.
basically my question on them is how well would they hold up to a 220 lber? Im not sure if I skate hard or not. (actually im not really sure what the definition of hard skating is. (If it means do I push off hard, then yes I do, but I dont skateskateskate-stop-skateskateskate-stop. I tend to get a few strides and kind of glide.))

any input is appreciated

Edit: i wanted the Mission Fuel 110xp's but I cant find them in my size anywhere. (10)
Be careful with those. I don't remember if they started putting the composite outsole on those in the 2009 version or the 2008 version, but before they added that there were problems with the outsole bending for heavier guys.

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