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09-15-2004, 01:34 AM
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Wow excellent question my friend....My ex was from Germany so she wasn't too keen on hockey...I turned her on it and she always wanted to move to NYC( I'm in fl at the moment) and told her if we were going to move there I'd have to have season tickets, she said that was ok...what I didn't realize is she meant two one for her and I...

So I've got a couple of questions...

Have you tried to watch a hockey game with her and politely explain all the rules? I've found that alot of my friends (both male and female) just dont' enjoy watching a hockey game because they dont' really understand it... So that would be my first bit of advice try explaining it to her as much as possible and make her a part of it....get her a jersey...doesn't have to be of a player just get her a Rangers jersey and get her to a game make her feel part of it....

If she does know about the game and for whatever reason (there are people out there) doesn't enjoy the game. Well it's time to either A) Compromise and tape some/all of the game and watch them on your own time..(it's tough to avoid scores) and do it that way...or B) find a show that she likes that you don't really enjoy and hint that you're not into watching this as much as she's not into hockey....but becareful cause sports are always our downfall haha....

You've got to find neutral grounds and make sure not to take out the Rangers lows on her (cause the Rangers lows are sure to be plenty for a while anyways) and make her (again) feel part of it but not a reason as to why their losing.....if you're really good you can milk a rangers's loss for a good ol round of hanky panky....or ummm I mean mutual bonding ...yeah that's it.

edit> oh PS I'm a Man U fan as well cheers!!!!
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