Thread: News Article: Hatcher returns as coach of sorts...
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04-14-2009, 09:17 PM
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Only gjk would have to try to bring something negative about this.

"why start now?"

Just accept the fact that he's going to be around now providing help/support for all of the players in that locker room. Is his presence really going to help any in that room? Probably not. Would it have helped weeks ago? Again..probably not. But he's there, doing what he can, and that's fine by me. I'm sure the guy has been training/rehabbing for the past 6 months and wasn't able to fit Flyer road trips into his schedule. Sorry to upset you.

edit: Now that I've actually read the full article, it even says in there that he's been around the team and training. I'm sure he's been there the whole time, and they are just announcing it now because of cap reasons/whatever the legal issues are.
Hatcher has been on long-term injury all season because his knees just can't take NHL hockey any longer. He has stayed around the team, training and trying to stay in shape.

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