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04-14-2009, 10:05 PM
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Originally Posted by rician blast View Post
I'm a long-time Bruins fan, since early 70's, and I believe this post and this thread are offbase.

In the B's forums I've been in (not on HF Boards, necessarily) Bruins fans are very concerned about this matchup. We know the history and we know that the Habs will rise to the occasion. Here's my take:

If the Bruins jump out to a lead, the Canadiens will employ Sean Avery-like tactics as they did in the last regular season game. If the Bruins take the bait (like Chara and Lucic did in that last game) they are in trouble. This year the Bruins are a better team than the Canadiens, but the difference is not as dramatic as a #1 vs #8 matchup might suggest.

The key for the Canadiens is their power play and Carey Price. If Price plays as well as he can, goals will be hard to come by. And if the Bruins lose their cool and the Habs' PP clicks, the B's could easily lose this series.

Keys for the Bruins are stingy 'D', Thomas at his best, using their depth, and staying out of the box. Thomas, Chara, Lucic are all potential powder-kegs and can lose control, thereby costing the team. If the B's get production out of their 2nd and 3rd lines they will be tough to beat. I do agree with what someone said earlier...the B's supposed physical advantage is over-blown...they're not as big and tough of a team as some say.

As for the BRUINS players saying the right things but believing this will be an easy series, with all do respect, are you on crack? Do you REALLY think they take the Canadiens lightly? No way, guys, they know exactly what they're up against, and that 5-4 game last Thursday will be fresh in their minds. Trust me, this team knows they're in for a battle, they know how good Price can be, they know how hard the Canadiens will play. Julien, the assistant coaches and maybe Cam Neely himself will see to it that they understand how contested this series will be.

I can't stand the fact that we're playing your squad in the opening round, it concerns be greatly. That said, it should be an incredibly hard fought series, and the result is far from pre-determined.

Edit: OK, I did look over the Bruins threads and you guys are right...there are a lot of very overconfident Bruins fans there. I don't get guess is they have no real idea what playoff hockey is about, about the history of this rivalry and about the ability of this year's Habs team. Please don't let them speak for all of us...on other boards I've been to the B's fans are much less confident. As a fan for 30+ years I know this is going to be a very tough series and the B's could lose.
Good post.

And a pretty accurate assessment of how the series could go and what each team should focus on.

Originally Posted by Joe Malone View Post
Hey, c'mon. The lowest level was your Sean Avery comparison. He's reviled around the league for his actions. The Habs are not Sean Avery.
You're being unfair here though. We employed some agitating tactics in the last game and they worked. That's all the guy was saying.
Originally Posted by Bruins4Ever View Post
Carey Price has only won one NHL playoff round. This is a wash at best. Some Habs fans think that Thomas' lack of playoff experience is a huge benefit to the Canadiens, but Price has won a grand total of one series in his career. This will be a series determined by goaltending, but I think this is definitely up for grabs.
Yeah, but that one win was over the Bruins... with Thomas.

Its funny, but for the first time this season there really isn't much pressure on the Habs. We're expected to lose. Personally, I see that as a very good thing. We've been under pressure all year and I think this will loosen the guys up. I think we're a lot more dangerous than a lot of people are giving us credit for.

Now if only we can bring back Markov...

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