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Originally Posted by Jake5 View Post
I've never played any kind of hockey before, other than some casual games with friends in elementary school on a frozen pond. I'm 19 yrs old now and haven't skated since around 6th grade. I stopped following hockey for a while, but got back into it at the start of the 07-08 season and now I'm quite interested in playing (just for fun, of course). where do i get started?
I would recommend playing outdoors on ice when possible season permitting as well as public skating. You do not necessarily have to use a stick when learning the basics of skating.

Others in this thread have given great advice.

Also I HIGHLY recommend shinny hockey (stick and puck in some places) as a way to play pickup games with whomever shows up for it where it is basically paying to play for a couple of hours at your own pace. I pay $8 to play for 2 hours and do so year round once a week and I also play for my men's league team.

In the winter time I play a good 4 or 5 nights a week outdoors and indoors. I load up a regulation sized goal cage in the pickup truck and have at it at outdoor rinks.

Some guys at shinny are basic not very good players and you will find that most guys will take into consideration and give you pointers if you ask. Some are highly skilled players who love the cheap ice time.

As stated by some here I would not recommend playing in a men's league yet UNLESS you can find a beginner's league or something.

Public skatong though does a few things, breaks in your skates, breaks in your feet to get used to wearing skates. I have often heard people complain about arch foot pain etc because they skate once every 6 months.

Once your feet get used to the skate you will enjoy it more.

There really is no wrong way to start playing honestly. i started out on a local outdoor rink when I was 4 years old and am now 40 soon to be 41 and still playing a lot.

You have a good long time to learn and have fun but don't expect too much for the first couple of years. It isn't easy playing ice hockey. The important thing is to have fun and wear the proper protection for yourself.

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